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Vacuboy Gallery & Product Sheets

  • VacuBoy Horizontal

  • VacuBoy 90"

  • VacuBoy 180"

  • VacuBoy 90" 360"

  • VacuBoy Mini

  • VacuBoy Vario


“The VacuBoy is the ideal aid for feeding metal forming machines, stockpiling and removal of all dense, plate-shaped materials”

Horizontal Handling up to 2,000kg

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Vacuboy12 Vacuboy11 Vacuboy10 Vacuboy9 Vacuboy8 Vacuboy7 VacuBoy6 Vacuboy5 Vacuboy4 VacuBoy3 Vacuboy2 Vacuboy1

VacuBoy 90′

“For feeding upstanding machines or vertical storage place this VacuBoy is equipped with a swivel mechanism”

Swivelling up to 1,000 kg

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vacuboy90_10 vacuboy90_9 vacuboy90_8 vacuboy90_7 vacuboy90_6 vacuboy90_5 vacuboy90_4 vacuboy90_3 vacuboy90_2 vacuboy90_1

VacuBoy 180′

“Many tasks require that a workpiece is being turned over. Especially when both sides must be worked on or when the underside requires to be checked visually.”

Turning over up to 1,000 kg

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VacuBoy180_11 VacuBoy180_10 VacuBoy180_9 VacuBoy180_8 VacuBoy180_7 VacuBoy180_6 VacuBoy180_5 VacuBoy180_4 VacuBoy180_3 VacuBoy180_2 VacuBoy180_1

VacuBoy 90′ 360′

“With many handling tasks the workpieces must be rotated in the horizontal or vertical position, e.g. when manufacturing glass or doors..”

Swivelling and Rotation up to 500 kg

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 Vacuboy_90_360_2 Vacuboy_90_360_1

VacuBoy Mini

“The VacuBoyMini is especially suitable for the handling of stable loads like barrels, stone slabs and glass elements. The two suspension eyes allow to use it either for horizontal or vertical transport.”

Lightweight Handling Solution up to 300Kg

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 VacuBoy_mini_11 VacuBoy_mini_10 VacuBoy_mini_9 VacuBoy_mini_8 VacuBoy_mini_7 VacuBoy_mini_6 VacuBoy_mini_5 VacuBoy_mini_4 VacuBoy_mini_3 VacuBoy_mini_2 VacuBoy_mini_1

VacuBoy Vario

Ideal lifter for the transport and handling of glass and window elements. The special suction plate suspension allows to lift

The flexible one! Up to 500 kg

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Vacuboy_Vario_5 Vacuboy_Vario_4 Vacuboy_Vario_3 Vacuboy_Vario_2 Vacuboy_Vario_1