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End Carriages

End CarriagesA range of end carriages are available for fast delivery from Granada Cranes in oldbury

Granada Cranes, in partnership with Omis offer a wide range of end carriages for single and double girder bridge cranes, for hook capacities  up to 60 tons. The box girder construction, appropriately stiffened through internal diaphragms, ensures high resistance to bending and torsional stress.

Manufactured by means of high-technology processes involving automated welding and machining centres,  End carriages from Granada feature high precision and modulare components.

The generously sized wheels are fabricated in high quality, nodular cast iron. They can also be supplied in alloy steel whenever required by the specific rail profile or by the mechanical properties imposed by more severe speed conditions.

Self-aligning bushes are fitted into the bolted connections to guarantee perfect bridgeOmis contructed end carriage from Granada cranes and handling
assembly. Buffers are fabricated from polyurethane resin featuring high shock-absorbing resistance.

Gearmotors are produced by Omis and cover a standard range of motor powers from 0.37 to 4 kW. They have been designed to satisfy the crane market requisite for smooth starting and slow-down.