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Successful Trial of High Visibility Site Warning Beacons

New warning lights magnetically mounted on an overhead crane

Pulsar warning beacons enhance the Safety for our Overhead Crane engineers

After a successful trial Granada Cranes and Handling have deployed sets of high visibility warning beacons (known as Pulsars) across all of our on-site service fleet for use when carrying out work on overhead cranes and other lifting equipment.

Amber / Yellow Pulsar Warning Beacon

New style warning beacon

JSP Microlite

Old style warning beacon

Always striving to improve safety, our team were looking for an alternative to our previously used site hazard beacon, The type typically seen at the road side. The old hazard beacons were relatively heavy, produced very little light output and continually required battery replacement.

In our search we came across a very unique product that seemed ideal for our working environment (Overhead Crane industry). The new warning beacons were lightweight, waterproof, re-chargeable, super bright, had magnetic mounts and claimed to be virtually indestructible (a claim that we decided to put to the test a bit later on).

 Battery and run time benefits

The previous units that we were using to warn people of our engineers presence when working on Overhead Cranes would typically last for a maximum of 40 hours. The unit, a JSP Microlite, is specified as having a 40 hour battery life while outputting 65-85 flashes per minute.

The pulsars that we purchased have 9 different flash patterns, one being a single flash with a comparable flash rate per minute as the JSP Microlite. When in this mode the unit is able to run for 60 hours continuously. Not only does this out perform our old beacons by 20 hours, The battery is rechargeable enabling huge cost and environmental savings. Unlike the traditional unit that is powered by a disposable 6v Zinc Chloride Lantern battery, The Pulsars use a rechargeable 3.7v Lithium Ion battery and a single unit takes just 20 minutes to fully charge. The units can be charged from within the carry case and are supplied with a 12v in car charger and a 230v mains charger.

 Flash Patterns

The Pulsars have 9 built in flash patterns enabling an unrivalled visual warning of the overhead crane engineers work presence. Flash patterns include;

  1. Amber PulsarRotate Simulation (9 hours battery life)
  2. Quad Flash (9 hours battery life)
  3. Single Blink (60 hours battery life)
  4. Alternating Blinks (9 hours battery life)
  5. SOS Morse Code (14 hours battery life)
  6. Steady On: High (5 hours battery life)
  7. Steady On: Low (35 hours battery life)
  8. 2 LED Flashlight (9 hours battery life)
  9. 4 LED Flashlight (6 hours battery life)


Our personal favourite is the quad flash pattern that gives maximum visibility when working on overhead cranes. The units can be magnetically mounted on the overhead crane hook, the crane gantry, crane girder / beam and on access equipment, clearly indicating the presence of maintenance personnel on or around the overhead crane.


piulsars_colourBoth our previous warning beacon and the new Pulsars provide 360 degree illumination. The Pulsars however, also boast a visibility distance of 10 kilometres!

The pulsars come in sets of 6 per case and are available in 6 colours.

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow / Amber
  • White
  • Infra Red

The colours can be mixed and matched per case, Our crane engineers all have sets that contain 3 amber and 3 red. We chose these colours because yellow is the typical colour associated with hazard lights and the red gave better contrast against our yellow crane systems.


While we doubt the Pulsars are 100% indestructible, after several what we believed to be wild claims by their sales representative we decided to buy a set and put one to the test.

The following unit has been;

  • Destruction Tested PulsarSubmerged in a pool of water
  • Flushed in the toilet
  • Dropped from a second storey window
  • Thrown at a brick wall
  • Ran over by a Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Wheelspun on by a Vauxhall vivaro
  • Ran over by a Forklift
  • Ran over by a laden Scania Curtainsider HGV
  • and drove over at speed

The unit still functions in all 9 flash patterns and charges both from a vehicle and the mains! The only damage is to the rubber coating and one of the LED’s has become disconnected, although this still leaves 15 LED’s working inside the Pulsar. The damage to the rubber coating was caused when wheelspinning on it.

 Who uses them?

Blue Pulsars in Police vehicleBlue PulsarPulsars are not only now used by Granada Cranes and Handling when working on Overhead Cranes, but they are also used by Network Rail during maintenance and most notably by the emergency services. Fire and Rescue departments use blue sets to mark accident scenes, as do several UK Police forces. The Police also use Infra Red sets for identifying areas to the air support helicopter.

 Where from and how much?

Set of 6 pulsars

You might be asking where you can get a set of these bad boys from, well look no further as Granada Cranes and Handling have become Pulsar distributors!

Our management team, engineers and even customers have been that impressed with the units we approached the manufacturer regarding re-selling the lights to our customer base. Our customers were so impressed when we used them on site for the first time, We sold two sets in the first week of trailing the lights!

The manufacturers list price for a case of 6 pulsars is £169.95, However, You can get a set of 6 from us for just £150.

Contact our sales team today to order your set.

Pulsar Product Sheet


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