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Structural Building Products Case Study

1x 5 tonne Single Girder Goliath Crane

This customer had been a customer for many years and having originally purchased a new overhead crane from us had since purchased hoist units for replacements on other existing cranes.
As part of a long term view to overhauling the sites ageing plant they decided to plan and invest in a complete new Goliath Crane.
Originally we offered a standard design based on our design teams precedent for this type of crane however the customer had previous bad experience with other manufacturers equipment and asked us to factor in some additional features they preferred. We accommodated these requests into our design and they were very pleased with the manufactured and installed result.
With no external building constraints to consider with this open air application our main criteria were to provide a robust good quality crane for a competitive price with a prompt delivery.

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Goliath crane specification at a glance


Structural building products

One new Goliath crane to replace an existing Demag crane that had come to the end of its working life

Equipment Type
Single Girder Goliath Crane

5 tonnes

18.3 metres

5.5 metres

8 & 2 hoisting, 20 & 5 hoist travel and 60 & 15 bridge travel, all motions dual speed by inverter control.


Hoist, Hoist Travel and Crane Travel all FEM M5

Other / Extras
As the crane was designed for permanent outdoor use additional provisions were made for the electrical systems and paintwork to suit.

Existing floor mounted crane bridge rail already in situ.

July 2014


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