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Paper Products Case Study

Paper Products Case Study

After completing several similar projects in the paper and soft tissue industry, Granada were awarded the contract to supply several lifting systems for a paper processing facility.

The cranes are designed around a production line with the aim of one being used to load the product into the processing plant and the other to remove the completed spool and enable a non stop continuous production process. Granada fabricated and supplied the bespoke lifting beams used in this application.

Two single girder electric overhead cranes and a freestanding gantry make up the system. Each crane features an SWF Krantechnik Nova wire rope hoist with Inverter controlled long and cross travel motions for precise movement with minimal sway. As these systems were designed to be used with lifting beams each hoist was configured with a lockable bottom block hook assembly to prevent the lifting beam turning once loaded.

Two independent Ikusi TM70/1 radio control systems were supplied to ease the loading and manoeuvring process, Radio has the advantage of allowing the operators to freely move around the beam while loading the spools for maximum visibility but then also come safely away from the area while transporting the reels into the processing machinery.

The free standing gantry system was also supplied by Granada and features compound columns instead of diagonal braces to keep all of the bays open for forklift transport of the completed reels.

Granada have since been awarded the contract for several identical systems for the paper product companies ongoing  growth.

  • Overhead crane with lifting beam for handling paper reels

  • Overhead crane handling paper reel in manufacturing facility

  • Lifting beam suspended from overhead crane loading paper reel

  • Paper reel loaded on overhead crane

  • SWF Nova hoist on Granada crane with lifting beam

  • Overhead crane conductor system

  • Ikusi TM70 radio system supplied by granada cranes

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Paper products case study specification at a glance


Paper Products Manufacturing

Two new overhead cranes complete with lifting beams to handle / load and unload spools of tissue and paper from a processing machine, complete with a free standing gantry system and radio remote control

Equipment Type
2x Single Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

3.2 tonnes per crane

7 Metres

6.8 Metres

5 & 0.8 hoisting, 20 & 5 hoist travel, 32 & 8 bridge, all motions dual speed with hoist and bridge travel by inverter control.


Hoist, Hoist Travel and Crane Travel all FEM M5

Supplied with two independent Ikusi TM70/1 radio remote control systems. 2x Custom fabricated Lifting beams, Lockable hook block for use with lifting beams, Warning beacon / klaxon sounder

Freestanding gantry with a total length of 26 metres. 5 columns either side (4 bays) one at 6.6, one at 7.1, one at 6.5 and one at 5.7 metres apart. The height to rail will be 7 metres. Track beams will be surmounted with 50mm x 40mm bar rail. The gantry has been designed to take 1 x 3.2t SWL crane per pitch/bay. Surge braces will be installed at suitable intervals

April 2019