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Machined Casting Case Study

  • 70 tonne double girder crane for a machine casting company

1x 70 tonne and 2x 20 tonne double girder electric overhead travelling cranes

Our first project for this long established machine casting company was to supply the cranes needed for their new purpose built cast house. Due to the high capacity and anticipated work load it was essential to offer the right components for the application, as well as ensuring our tender was competitive we also had to work to a very tight timeframe so our installation would not hold up the other contractors working on the development. Because these cranes had to be built and delivered as single piece bridges (no joints) We acquired temporary premises locally with plant and access to enable us to assemble prior to delivering and installing.
The installation process went smoothly and once installed the cranes sat resplendent against the new building.

  • 70 tonne overhead crane with catwalk for a machine castings company

  • Open barrell hoist unit on a 70 tonne gantry crane

  • Large double girder gantry crane with digital scales

  • 20 tonne overhead crane on a shared gantry system with a 70 tonne bridge crane

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Crane specification for a machine castings company


Machined Castings

Three new overhead cranes for a brand new cast house facility.

Equipment Type
Double girder electric overhead travelling cranes.

1x 70 tonnes and 2x 20 tonnes

28 metres

8.75 metres

20 tonne cranes; 4 & 0.8 hoisting, 20 & 5 hoist travel, 40 & 10 bridge travel, all motions dual speed with hoist and bridge travel by inverter control. 70 tonne crane; 3.3 & 0.66 hoisting, 20 & 5 hoist travel, 40 & 10 bridge travel, all motions dual speed with hoist and bridge travel by inverter control.

FEM A5 (all cranes)

Hoist, Hoist Travel and Crane Travel all FEM M5 (all cranes)

Other / Extras
These cranes were supplied with the following additional features: Incorporated weighing scale system with scoreboard display. Date logger Anti-Collision devices Radio remote with pendant back up. Full bridge length crane service platforms. True vertical lift hoisting. Open barrel hoisting.

Supplied by others with building

September / December 2013


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