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Overhead Cranes Supplied to Global Refuse Vehicle Manufacturer

Granada Cranes lifting equipment and overhead cranes used at a refuse collection vehicle manufacturer

Overhead Cranes project completed successfully for global refuse collection vehicle manufacturer

The team at Oldbury based Granada Cranes and Handling are celebrating following yet another successful overhead cranes project. This project was completed at a facility in the heart of the Midlands for a global manufacturer of refuse and recycling collection vehicles.

Design & Fabrication of two new Overhead Cranes

Granada were tasked with manufacturing and installing two new overhead cranes for use in a new facility purchased by one of the largest global manufacturers of refuse and recycling collection vehicles. along with the supply of two new cranes, one of the customers existing overhead cranes was also relocated.

5 Tonne single girder Overhead Crane

5 tonne overhead crane system from Granada Cranes and Handling

The smaller overhead crane of the two new systems was a 5 tonne single girder crane. The crane was fabricated using a box girder construction to FEM A3 specification. The hoisting system supplied was a wire rope underlsung Nova hoist from SWF Krantechnik. The crane was specified to operate off pendant control and power was supplied by a 4 bar Colton Electric Safe-T-Bar conductor system. The hoist system was rated at FEM M5 (2m).

10 Tonne single girder Overhead Crane

10 tonne overhead crane from Granada Cranes and Handling

The larger crane of the two was a 10 tonne single girder overhead crane. This again was fabricated by Granada at our facility in Oldbury using a box beam construction method. The supplied hoist system was a wire rope, underslung SWF Nova, This time with a safe working load of 10 tonnes. Again, pendant control was specified by the client and power was supplied by an existing Colton electric Safe-T-Bar system. The crane structure was rated at FEM A3 and the Hoist at FEM M5 (2m).

Relocation of Existing Crane System

Granada Cranes lifting equipment and overhead cranes used at a refuse collection vehicle manufacturer

Along with the supply of two new overhead crane systems, Granada were also asked if it would be possible to relocate one of the clients existing overhead cranes from the businesses previous premises. Usually, Granada don’t engage in relocating existing cranes. As the customer however, had already ordered two new bespoke systems our technical department decided to investigate the feasibility of relocating the existing equipment. Upon inspection, The overhead crane relocation was approved by our technical department and operations manager.

As the original crane was manufactured by Kone Cranes, Granada were an ideal choice for carrying out the crane relocation. Why is this? you may be thinking, Well, The reason behind this is Granada Cranes and Handling use hoist systems from SWF Krantechnik on many of our new overhead cranes (along with Omis and Stahl systems). Kone cranes hoists are manufactured in the same facility SWF hoists are made, They are essentially the same unit with a different case and part number.

Load testing Overhead CranesThe original overhead crane system, manufactured by Kone Cranes, was located in a separate facility and covered a 25 metres span with a 5.5 metre height of lift. Our engineers removed the the crane from the Gantry and using an extending trailer from a local heavy haulage company transported it back to our fabrication facility in Oldbury. The span was shortened to 13 metres, end carriages were welded on ready for the new gantry and the complete crane was re-painted. Control systems were then modified and refitted (The control systems included both pendant control and radio).


The crane was then transported to the new industrial unit ready for installation by Granada onsite project engineers. The crane was installed using a Telehandler and then subsequently load tested before being signed off for handover to the customer.

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