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Overhead Cranes | A History

  • First Overhead Crane Company, Ludwig Stuckenholz is established

    In the 1830’s the first Overhead crane company, Ludwig Stuckenholz was established in Germany.

  • Weston Load Brake invented in 1840

    Weston Load brake invented by Thomas Weston in the late 1800’s, Still a fundamental element of almost all manually operated hoists (and many electric hoists). The Weston system worked with friction disks that functioned as the brakes for the load shaft. The system had multiple parts, which allowed users of the crane to maintain control of the load at all time. If there is any failure between the frictional relationships it will not affect the operators control.

  • Sampson Moore & Co patent new high capacity winch

    Sampson Moore & Co in Liverpool England patented a new winch mechanism that allowed the lifting of heavier weights (such as naval guns) by using an electric motor.

  • 1861 First steam powered crane in England

    First steam powered overhead crane installed at the Crewe Railway Workshops by John Ramsbotton. Power was transmitted to the crane from a pulley driven by a stationary engine through and endless cotton rope.

  • Sampson Moore supply the first overhead crane system in England

    Sampson Moore in England design and supply the first ever electric overhead crane system for The Royal Arsenal of Woolwich. The new overhead crane was used in order to lift ammunition, explosives, and weaponry. The Royal Arsenal also was one of the first organizations to use electric overhead cranes, but it became much more wide spread in the years to come.


  • Electrical control systems introduced by Ludwig Stuckenholz

    Ludwig Stuckenholz company introduces electrical control component to overhead cranes setting the future for industrial crane design.



  • The first mass produced electric hoist

    The first mass produced electric hoist was in Germany in 1910.

  • Leo Gottwald KG Builds the first mobile harbour crane

    In 1918 Leo Gottwald KG builds the first ever mobile harbour crane. The Crane was at the port of Misburger ( Hannover ) . Built by the MUKAG machine and crane Leo Gottwald limited Dusseldorf. Rated Capacity 5000 kg, 16 m reach.

  • Granada Material Handling Ltd. established.

    Granada Material Handling Ltd. was established in Rochdale, Manchester in 1980.

  • Granada Cranes and Handling founded in Oldbury

    In 1996 Granada Cranes and Handling is established in Oldbury, West Midlands as a division of Granada Material Handling Ltd. Granada Cranes and Handling go on to become one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of Overhead Cranes and lifting equipment.

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