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overhead crane installation

Overhead Crane Installation

At Granada Cranes and Handling we have over 20 years experience in the field of overhead crane installation. All of our overhead crane installations are carried out by our experienced crane engineers, fabricators and industry leading steelwork erectors to ensure the installation of your crane and lifting equipment runs as efficient and safe as possible.

Thorough Planning Prior to Your Overhead Crane Installation

Before the overhead crane installation begins, A thorough risk assessment, method statement and lift plan will be provided. Overhead crane installation can be carried out using existing gantry systems (either self contained or incorporated into the buildings structure) or can be installed onto a new gantry system provided by Granada Cranes.

During the overhead crane installation, The crane is mounted on the gantry using another piece of lifting equipment. The lifting equipment chosen to do this job depends on the weight of the crane, the access into the site and the available height clearance.

Common methods of installing the crane onto the gantry include the use of:

  • Mobile Cranes
  • Genie Lifts
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Hiab’s

Once the overhead crane has been safely transported to site and installed onto the Gantry it will be wired in, tested and then with the help of test weights, have the overload configured and certificates issued to declare it safe for use.

2 Year warranty and Comprehensive after sales support

Granada Cranes provide a 2 year warranty and Comprehensive after sales support once your overhead crane installation has been completed.


Overhead Crane Installation by Granada Cranes and Handling Overhead crane installation for Aerospace giant by Granada Cranes and Handling Overhead Crane Installation, Crane leaving the workshop Overhead Crane installation, two engineers on scissor lifts and a mobile crane