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VacuPowerLift Gallery

Fezer VacuPowerlift

  • Handling Pallets

  • Packing

  • Pre-Fabrication

  • Glass / Plates & Solar Panels

  • Sack Handling

  • Movement of Delicate Elctronics

  • Drums & Barrell

  • Wood Handling

  • Crates

  • Plastics

  • Chasis Parts

  • Masonry

pallet3 pallet2 pallet1pallet4

Packing3 Packing1 Packing2packing6 packing5 packin4packing9 packing8 packing7

prefab3 prefab2 prefab1

glass3 glass2 glass1glass5 glass4

sack2 sack1

electronics3 electronics1 electronics2

drums2 drums1

wood3 wood2 wood1

crate3 crate2 crate1

plastics1 plastics

chasis3 chasis2 chasis1

masonry3 masonry2 masonry