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The VacuPowerlift from Fezer has for some time now been one of Granada’s most popular products and when you consider its benefits it is hardly surprising.

If we told you that we could provide a material handling solution that is; safe and simple to use, would cause no damage to your product, is flexible, would not decrease but would in fact increase productivity and last but not least could be available at a very reasonable cost, you would surely ask “what’s the catch?” or “how is this possible?” and the answer would be – simplicity.

  • Simplicity – because the only medium the VacuPowerlift needs for the gripping and lifting of the load is vacuum.
  • The use of lifting devices such as chain hoists becomes unnecessary and therefore keeps the cost as low as possible.
  • The use of clamps, tongs or chains becomes unnecessary and because all that grips the load is vacuum formed from contact with a rubber suction foot and the load, no damage is caused.
  • High safety standard in accordance with the strict European safety regulations CE, UVV, VBG 9a. This guarantees not only a steadily high quality standard, but also a high reliability and operational safety of the device. Because the VacuPowerlift is a closed system even in the case of power failure, sucked loads do not simply fall down: an integrated non-return valve makes sure that the sucked loads are dropped safely and remain under control until they are released from the suction foot.

The operation of the VacuPowerlift couldn’t be simpler due to its ergonomic operation. For this there are two different control boxes available:

  • Control box with a tilting lever: Press the control lever up – the VacuPowerlift lifts the load. Press the control lever down – the VacuPowerlift lowers the load.
  • Control box with a throttle: In this case you operate the VacuPowerlift like driving a motorbike: Turn forward – the load is lifted. Turn backward – the load is lowered.

With such ease of use, within a short time of the operator using the VacuPowerlift, the customer will notice an increase in performance.

  • Only one operator.
  • By means of directly driven blower steps, the noise level is reduced to less than 75 dB(A). The blowers run with a low operating speed and have no drive elements that are sensitive to wear. Thus they assure a high reliability and durability. Consequently the operational safety is improved, the running costs are reduced and at the same time a perfect process of production is guaranteed.
  • Flexibility – with the use of a ‘Quick-Change Coupling’ various suction feet can be rapidly exchanged without the use of any tools.
  • Complete Light Weight Crane Systems, Monorails and Jib Crane Systems.

powerlift1 powerlift2 powerlift3 powerlift4


Fields of Application

Fields of application

For the transport of:

  • Glued, strapped or even open cardboard boxes
  • Barrels and containers
  • Stainless steel design – for the food industry
  • Paper and plastic sacks
  • Barrels with grip straps
  • Television sets and furniture
  • Concrete and stone slabs
  • Almost any flat surface
  • Large wood and plastic boards
  • Door elements



  • Rigid extension – for the handling of parts with large surfaces such as slabs, big boxes, etc
  • Articulated extension – for the piling of loads at a considerable height. With the extension joint, the operator can move the loads in a simple and safe manner and in his ideal working position at any time
  • Angle adaptor – Sucked loads can be swivelled by 90o. Ideal for the up righting or dropping (tilted) of the work pieces
  • Quick-Change Coupling – Various suction feet can be rapidly exchanged without any tools
  • Silencer box – Reduces the noise level of the blower to approx. 65dB(A)
  • Silencer – Simple mounting at the exhaust side of the blower. Reduces the noise level by approx. 3-4 dB(A)
  • Stainless steel design suction feet available for the food industry



  • Dense materials up to 150Kg
  • Porous materials up to 120Kg


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