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  • VacuGiant Horizontal

  • VacuGiant Swivelling

VacuGiant Horizontal

Constructed in robust welded-steel for use in shipyards, steelplants and other areas.
Suitable for Steel plates up to lengths of 30 m, widths of over 3 m and weights up to 40.000 kg and more.

horizontal Handling up to 40,000 kg

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 VacuGiant_Horizontal_13 VacuGiant_Horizontal_12 VacuGiant_Horizontal_11 VacuGiant_Horizontal_10 VacuGiant_Horizontal_9 VacuGiant_Horizontal_8 VacuGiant_Horizontal_7 VacuGiant_Horizontal_6 VacuGiant_Horizontal_5 VacuGiant_Horizontal_4 VacuGiant_Horizontal_3 VacuGiant_Horizontal_2 VacuGiant_Horizontal_1

VacuGiant Swivelling

For upright stocking of plates or support when installing heavy duty parts. Safe swivelling up to 15 tons.

Swivelling up to 15.000 kg

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VacuGiant_Swivell_10 VacuGiant_Swivell_9 VacuGiant_Swivell_8 VacuGiant_Swivell_7 VacuGiant_Swivell_6 VacuGiant_Swivell_5 VacuGiant_Swivell_4 VacuGiant_Swivell_3 VacuGiant_Swivell_2 VacuGiant_Swivell_1