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The VacuGiant by Fezer is best suited for handling Dense work pieces. Up to 15000Kg

VacuGiant Advantages

  • Efficient safe and gentle handling of flat and dense materials
  • No mechanical damage such as caused by clamps, tongs or chains
  • Only one operator

Different handling modes

  • Horizontal transportation
  • Vertical transportation
  • Swivelling from 0 to 90
  • Quick engagement and release of the transportation of goods
  • Optimal adaption to different work piece measurements
  • High safety standard in accordance with the strict European safety regulations CE, UVV, VBG 9a
  • Oil less vacuum pumps
  • High operational safety, even in case of power failure, due to the integrated tank with non-return valve
  • Complete solutions with hoisting and crane equipment
  • Special bespoke models available on request
  • Lacquered in safety colour yellow (RAL-1004) and are partially galvanised

VacuGiant Fields of application

For the transport of:

  • Aluminium and steel sheets
  • Scaled and corroded sheet metal
  • Chequered and chequered bead plates
  • Heavy aluminium and steel blocks
  • For heavy loads with inherent stability
  • In shipyards
  • In aircraft industry
  • Special solutions on request


  • Push buttons for crane control integrated into the manipulating handle
  • Possibility of switching off individual suction plates through manual stop valves or flow valves
  • Manipulating handle in several lengths for the ergonomic handling of the device
  • Optical warning system
  • Automatic suction and release controls
  • Longitudinal and cross beams in various lengths for optimum adaption to different measurements of work pieces
  • Water separator for moist or wet work pieces

VacuGiant Capacities

  • Horizontal handling up to 40,000Kg
  • Swivelling units 0′ to 90′ up to 15,000Kg
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