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Plate Clamps and Grabs

Plate Clamps and Grabs

Granada is able to provide a diverse range of plate clamps and grabs to cater for almost any application. Most plate clamps and grabs will operate through one of the following basic design styles:

  • Cam locking
  • Screw lock
  • Scissor action
  • Suspension clamping

The majority of the clamps Granada supply are for the handling of steel plates in the vertical and horizontal planes however we can source clamps for other more delicate materials if required. Applications where clamps are typically used include:

  • Steel plate
  • Steel profile
  • Steel bars
  • Coil
  • Crane tracks
  • Non-marking type clamps
  • Drum handling
  • Construction / Ground works

All clamps supplied by Granada come identified with a serial number, a valid test certificate and are CE marked.

Clamps are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.