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Coil Hooks

Coil Hooks from Granada Cranes

Single arm C Hook

Granada are able to supply a range of single arm C-Hooks / Coil Hooks which have been designed to safely and efficiently handle coils or other similar shaped loads such as rolls, rings, rings and pipes.

There are many customizable features available on C-hooks including adjustable end stop positions and shaped tines.

Because each customer’s needs are unique these hooks are designed on a case by case basis to suit the lifting process. Once the final specification is agreed and an order is placed Granada will provide a product specific drawing of the lifter to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements before manufacturing.

Coil Turning Hook

A coil turning hooks is exactly as it sounds, specifically designed coil hook to pick coils of steel,  banding material or similar from a laying flat position and once the turning hook is positioned and the crane hook is raised, the coil automatically transfers from the horizontal position to the vertical position. This allows for easy transportation and also allow for loading onto machines or racking.