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Chain Slings

Chain Slings

Alloy Chain slings are an ideal lifting solution with many benefits over other lifting accessories including:

  • Ability to work under high temperatures and/or under rugged or abrasive conditions that would damage or destroy other types of sling or lifting accessory.
  • Repairable – A key advantage of using a chain sling is the fact that almost any component discovered to be damaged during an inspection can be repaired or replaced preventing the need to purchase a complete replacement sling.
  • Chain slings can be supplied in single, two, three or four leg configurations with a wide range of bottom hooks and fittings with options for shortening clutches if required. They are customisable and able to be designed to suit their bespoke application.

All our Chain Slings are supplied manufactured from Grade8 or 10 alloy and are tested on to a X:1 breaking strain factor for safety. Each sling comes complete with an attached label showing the date of manufacture, serial number and safe working load limits. All slings and lifting equipment or accessories supplied by Granada come complete with a valid test certificate.

Granada carry a small range of regularly supplied products and spares in stock but due to the very large and diverse range of products we offer cannot carry a full stock of all items at all times. Any items non-stock can be made to order very quickly and through our local network of suppliers.

Slings are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER regulations. All slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.

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