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Slings and Lifting Accessories

Slings and lifting accessories

To provide our customers with a single source supplier for all their lifting equipment and material handling needs Granada has invested in recruiting and training personnel with great experience and knowledge of slings and lifting accessories. We have then priced, sourced and tested many different types and makes of equipment to put together a network of lifting accessory manufacturers that enable us to offer a very wide range of lifting accessories competitively, these include:

Our ability to provide quality products at competitive prices has enabled us to grow and expand our slings and lifting accessories examination aspect of the business whereby we now have several contracts, some with in excess of 5,000 items of lifting accessories. By working alongside our design and manufacturing aspects of the business we have been able to design bespoke lifting accessories to meet our customers’ needs, for which there simply was not a product currently on the market suitable or capable to do so.

So whether you are looking for a single bespoke lifting beam, a one off batch of a thousand eyebolts or a regular order of fibre slings, please call our service team because we are sure they will be able to help you.