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  • Tecnomagnete Bat Grip

    Tecnomagnete Bat Grip from Granada Cranes

    Tecnomagnete’s BatGrip is an electro-permanent magnetic lifter that does not requiring a cabled mains power supply as it is battery operated and is controlled via a wireless remote. The remote control enables the unit to be operated at a distance of up to 30m allowing the unit to be operated in areas where access is restricted.


    The Bat Grip can handle loads of any dimension and shape. The neutral crown system enables the full force to be concentrated on only the poles, thereby ensuring the module’s complete insulation in relation to adgacent ferrous loads. The load can be stacked in layers without requiring spacers, and is always lifted from above. This eliminates the chance of causing load deformation and damage in the lifitng process along with optimising working and storage space.


    Maximum safety is achieved because the load is held exclusively by the force of the permanent magnets, Which remain contant for the period of lift without requiring any additional power supply. The unit features a Duatanac System for Anti-accidental deactivation, This technology incorporates a magnetic sensor that prevent operation of the MAG/DEMAG cycles whenever the load is raised above ground level. To magnetise and demagnetise the unit, the load must be on the ground when the lifting hook is not taut. The magnetising and demagnetising cycles are also disabled should the battery charge be inssuficient (also indicated by a flashing light on the unit).


    Magnetising cylcles and demagnetisising cycles take approximatley 1 second and can be controlled by the wireless remote or from the push-button station within the Bat Grip unit. The self conatained battery unit will remain functional for over 500 loading / unloading operations from a single full charge thanks to the high power efficiency design of the Bat Grip. The unit is supplied with a built in batter charger, complete with recharging cable. A full recharge of the battery takes 8 hours from a 220-240v supply.

     Bat Grip Load Characteristics
    Flat Load
    Max Load 3,000 kg 6600 lbs
    Max Length 3,000 mm 118 in
    Max Width 2,500 mm 98 in
    Min Thickness 25 mm 0.98 in
    Round Load
    Max Load 700 kg 1540 lbs
    Max Length 2,000 mm 78 in
    Max Diam 150 mm 5.9 in
    Min Thickness 25 mm 0.98 in

    Tecnomagnete Bat Grip electro magnet from granada cranes Tecnomagnete UK supplier of Bat Grip permanent electro magnet Tecnolift Bat Grip from Granada Cranes and Handling Battery powered electro magnet from granada cranes

    Download the Tecnomagnete BatGrip Brochure

  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TP | Beams & Profiles

    Tecnomagnete Tecnolift TP Range for lifting beams, profiles, RSJ sections etc.. Supplied by Granada Cranes UK

    The Tecno-Lift TP range of permanent electro magnets from Tecnomagnete have been designed for handling beams and profiles, including rolled steel joist beams / RSJ / I Beams.

    The TP range are modular systems, combining the benefits of safe lifting, compactness and convenience. Their specific and unique pole design permits the rotation of the load on the ground for inspection or storage in the correct position.

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TP for Beams and Profiles technical specifications from granada cranes

  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift BL | Billets

    Handling Billets with electro magnets supplied by granada cranes and handling

    The BL range of permanent electro magnets from Tecnomagnete are specifically designed and manufactured for the handiling of layers of billets up to 600 degrees celcius in the core. Two versions are available for short and long billets.

    Tecnomagnete | Tecnolift | BL/S

    The Tecnolift BL/S is a single module unit for handling billets up to 6000 mm in length

    Tecnomagnete | Tecnolift | BL/D

    The Tecnolift BL/D is a double module unit for handling billets up to 12600 mm in length.


    Tecnolift BL range of permanent electro magnets for handling Billets Handling Billets with electro magnets from Granada Cranes and Handling Tecnolift BL range for handling billets supplied and maintained by Granada Cranes and handling Permanent electro magnet lifting solutions manufactured by technomagnete for granada cranes

  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift BR | Slabs

    BR range of permanent electro magnets manufactured by Tecnomagnete, Italy and supplied in the UK by Granada cranes and Handling

    The BR range of permanent electro magnets from Tecnomagnete are designed to handle slabs of ferrous material, A typical application for the unit is the use to load and unload ships at harbours. Three versions are available;

    Tecnomagnete | TecnoLift | BR/S

    The BR/S configuration is a single module unit for handling slabs 1000 –  8000 mm in length

    Tecnomagnete | TecnoLift | BR/D

    The BR/D configuration is a double module unit for handling slabs 6000 – 12000 mm in length.

    Tecnomagnete | TecnoLift | BR/W

    The BR/W configurations is a ‘twin’ module with mechanical auto levelling system designed for handling slab loads 6000 – 12000 mm in length

  • Tecnomagnete MaXX

    Tecnomagnete Tecnolift Maxx range of magnetic lifting devices supplied and maintained by granada cranes and handling

    Tecnomagnete’s MaxX range of magnetic lifters are the ideal solution for handling a large variety of work pieces, from flats to rounds, from finished to rough, with easy and ergonomic operation in total safety.

    The operating costs are near to zero, efficiency and productivity are dramatically increased and the return investment is extremely quick.  A single operator can handle the load which is always anchored and lifted from the top without deformation or damage, making optimal use of the available work space, streamlining working process and improving safety conditions.

    The MaxX range have been designed with simplicity in mind. All it takes to magnetise the device is a simple rotations of the lever, The lifter is then activated / deactivated. During the MAG phase, the lever is firmly blocked by a mechanical safety device, preventing any possible accidental deactivation.


    A wide range of models are available with lift capacities ranging from 125 Kg up to 2000 Kg 

    Different versions are available for loads with regular or reduced thicknesses.

    Tecnomagnete Maxx lifting equipment from UK based Granada Cranes and Handling MaxX magnetic lifter from midland based Granada Cranes & Handling Granada cranes supply Tecnomagnete Maxx magnetic crane accessories in the UK from our Midlands branch Tecnomagnete 500 1000 1500 2000 from Granada Cranes and Hanlding

    Download the Tecnomagnete MaxX product range brochure


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