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Rounds Handling

Granada can supply permanent electo magnetic modules for lifting a variety of round and / or awkward shapes.

Handling examples include;

  • Sections
  • Rails
  • Profiles
  • Rounds
  • Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift RD | Rounds

    Round item handling using Tecnomagnete permanent eectro meagnets supplied by Granada Cranes
    Tecnomagnete’s Tecono Lift RD Modules feature a “V” groove design that adapts to the morphology of the load allowing the centering of the module on the load during the clamping phase. An additional RDP version is available for polygonal and irregular shaped loads.

    Tecnomagnete RD Module Specifications for handling rounds


    Tecnomagnete RDP for Polygonal and Irregular shaped loads from granada cranes and handling Tecno-Lift RD for rounded loads for Granada Cranes and Handling Permanent Electro Magnets for Handling round loads from Granada Cranes and Handling Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift RD from Granada Cranes for handling round ferrous loads


  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CS | Tanks

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CS for Tank Handling from Granada Cranes and Handling

    The CS range from Tecnomagnete are designed specifically for lifting and handling Tanks but can be used for any oversized round loads that have thin walls.

    Tailor made solutions can be provided for the movement of tanks and other containers to enable their movement while ensuring the products are not deformed during handning while achieving the higest levels of personal safety.

  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TU | Tubes

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TU magnetic handling of pipes and tubes supplied in the UK by Granada Cranes and Handling

    The Tecno-Lift TU range of permanent electro magnetic lifting equipment from Tecnomagnete is designed for handling tubes along with other round loads of various types.

    Granada can supply, install and maintain all of Tecnomagnete’s Tecno-Lift range for any industry or application within the United Kingdom.

  • Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TP | Beams & Profiles

    Tecnomagnete Tecnolift TP Range for lifting beams, profiles, RSJ sections etc.. Supplied by Granada Cranes UK

    The Tecno-Lift TP range of permanent electro magnets from Tecnomagnete have been designed for handling beams and profiles, including rolled steel joist beams / RSJ / I Beams.

    The TP range are modular systems, combining the benefits of safe lifting, compactness and convenience. Their specific and unique pole design permits the rotation of the load on the ground for inspection or storage in the correct position.

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift TP for Beams and Profiles technical specifications from granada cranes


Dowload the full Tecnomagnete Tecnolift product range brochure.

For more information or for help and advice on choosing the best suited handling equipment for you business needs, Contact one of our material handling experts on 0121 – 552 – 4503