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Coils, Billets & Slabs Handling

Electro Magnetic Coil handling Solutions from Granada Cranes and Handling

The Tecnolift range of products supplied by Granada Cranes have many advantages over traditional handling methods for coils, billets and slabs.  The primary advantage is the significant stress reduction on the load being handled, This the product does not become deformed while the handling process takes place. This is due to the Tecnolift unit always coming into contact with the material surface gently from above, without any compression or forced deformations unlike when using C Hooks and Clamps which require constant pressure to be applied.

Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CV/T

Modules for handling cut coils, vertical eye (slitting lines).

Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CV

Modules for handling cold-rolled coils, vertical eye.

Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CH

Modules for handling cold-rolled coils with a horizontal eye. Complete with automatic load-centering system.

Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift CO

Modules for hanlding open coils, Vertical eye (annealing process).

magnetic coil handling solutions from granda cranes and handling handling coils with electro magnets Tecnomagnete coil handling products from granada cranes UK no stress or deformation when handling coils using solutions from granada cranes and handling

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For more information or for help and advice on choosing the best suited handling equipment for you business needs, Contact one of our material handling experts on 0121 – 552 – 4503