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Tecnomagnete Bundle Handling | TecnoLift | EM |

Handling bundles of Metal using Tecnomagnete EM series of electro magnets from granada cranes and handling

The Tecnomagnete EM range of electro magnets from Granada Cranes and Handling are the perfect solution to handle bundles of ferrous materials / products.

The magnetic flux deeply penetrates in the load and all bundles can be handled with a single system and using only one operator that controlls the Tecno-Lift EM from a distance, resulting in an optomised and efficient stocking / work area and a total safe handling experience.

The EM range boasts the following features;

  • Very deep magnetic field
  • Low electricitiy consumption
  • Neutral frame magnet design
  • Quick MAG/DEMAG cyclec
  • 30 minute safety backup lead battery
  • Safety charge tested before every MAG cycle
  • Automatic battery charger

Control and Safety Devices

Drop-Off Prevention Device

The operator must act 2 push-buttons simultaneously for Demag.


Grade 80 high strength steel.

Lamps and Alarm

The various system status are displayed with different lamps, when the system is in alarm or under batteries the horn sounds. The system alarms are:

  • No main power – System under batteries
  • Low current – The system is locked
  • Low battery – The system is locked
  • Long Mag Cycle – The horn sounds

Electronic Controller

For supply and command, installed on the crane in IP54 cubicle. Solid state contactors prevent any internal sparks and nearing. All commands are connected to a terminal board as interface for external keyboard or radio remote control.

Automatic battery charger

The electronic device supplies and charges the maintenance free lead accumulators. The charge of the batteries is tested before any Mag cycle. The system is immediately stopped in case of failure.

Tecnomagnete EM range for handling bundles from granada cranes


Tecnomagnete EM range for handling bundles Tecnomagnete EM range for handling bundles from granada Tecnomagnete EM range for handling bundles of steel Permanent electro magnet lifting solutions manufactured by technomagnete for granada cranes


Download the Tecnomagnete EM Range Brochure Here