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 Block Handling

Granada can supply and maintain a range of permanent electro magnetic handling systems for moving various types of ferrous loads. For block handling, there are two avaialble options, The Tecnomagnete SML range (for handling single plates or semi finished blocks) and the Tecnomagnete SMH range (for handling single thick slabs and forged blocks).

  • Tecnomagnete Block Handling | TecnoLift | SML |

    Electro Magnetic handling equipment for single plates and semi finished blocks

    Tecnomagnete’s Tecno-Lift SML modules are designed for handling single plates or semi finished blocks. SML permanent electro-magnetic modules are the ideal answer for handling blocks with limited air gap.

    Features include;

    • Excellent ratio between weight of the lifter and its capacity.
    • Multipole cicuit to uniformly spread the force across the working area.

    Tecno-Lift SML Technical information

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift SML Product Specifications


  • Tecnomagnete Block Handling | TecnoLift | SMH |

    Magnetic handling for Single thick slabs and forged blocks from granda cranes and handling UK

    The SMH range of permanent electo-magnetic modules have been designed for lifting loads with big operational air gaps.

    Features include;

    • 4-pole circuit for high force concentration.
    • Very high magnetic strength

    Tecno-Lift SMH Technical information

    Tecnomagnete Tecno-Lift SMH Product Specifications


Dowload the full Tecnomagnete Tecnolift product range brochure.

For more information or for help and advice on choosing the best suited handling equipment for you business needs, Contact one of our material handling experts on 0121 – 552 – 4503



Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.