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Integrated Crane Scales

Integrated Crane Scales / Digital Load Weighing

Integrated crane scales and weighing systems transmit real time digital load data to a multitude of output and analysis devices, Including Large LED displays that can be mounted on the crane, Operator handheld displays, Computer event recording software and direct printer connections. Not only can these be incorporated into new bridge crane designs but can also be retro-fitted to existing overhead cranes and lifting equipment.

Crane Scales Integrated into new designs

When integrating load weighing functionality into new crane designs Granada use Baron’s advanced digital weighing systems. Barons weighing system is a professional solution that allows you to weigh loaded material immediately during the lifting phase. It transmits via a wireless connection to digital repeaters with digits up to 160 mm size and can send data directly to printers and computer software for data analysis and recording.

Crane Scales Retro-fitted to existing cranes

Using Tractel’s DYNASAFE range of sensors and displays, Granada can fit integrated crane scales / load weighing systems onto any existing crane. From a visual display of the current load being lifted to intelligent overload monitoring and prevention, integrated crane scale systems are a great way to modernise existing lifting equipment.

Tractels DYNASAFE Range includes;

  • Load display and digital force management monitor system.
  • Dead end load cells
  • Wire rope load cells
  • Custom load pins
  • Intelligent overload monitor


If you would like some more information regarding integrated crane scales, or would like this capability on your existing crane contact us today on 0121-552-4503