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Colton Electrical Conductor Systems and Spares

Granada Power systems | Formerly Colton Electrical

Granada supply all Colton Electrical components and systems in the UK through our sister company Granada Power Systems.

Colton Safe-T-Bar

Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar has been specifically developed to enable mobile electrical equipment such as Overhead Cranes, Hoists, Monorails, Elevators and Conveyors draw power efficiently, reliably and safely.

The design of the Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar rail ensures the moving current collector heads are at all times positively guided by the metal conductor rather than the PVC shroud. As a result the shroud is not subject to mechanical wear and never loses its effectiveness as an insulator. The shroud on the Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar is fingerproofed to BS 5490 making it the ideal choice for installations where the power supply is within reach, however infrequently, of human hands.

The Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar fingerproof system is available for current capacities of between 100 and 5000 amperes and is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures up to 107 degrees Celsius.

Its versatility of the Colton Electrical system is matched by flexibility in installation as there are a wide range of accessories available making the planning engineer’s task of precisely tailoring layout to a specific requirement a simple one. Fixing and fitting are easily and inexpensively undertaken without the need for special tools.

  • Colton Electrical | Safe-T-Bar Conductor Rail

    The Safe-T-Range of conductor rail originally manufactured by Colton Electrical has several key features making it ideal for use to safely power overhead lifting equipment.Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar

    • Formed of either galvanised steel or HDHC copper for excellent electrical performance, mechanical strength and durability.
    • V-Form groove positively guides the current collector
    • Horizontal or vertical mounting
    • Available in convenient 4.5 metre lengths
    • Line or end power feeds
    • Up to 90 metres can be installed without expansion jointsColton Safe-T-Bar
    • 1.5mm thick insulating shroud plays no part in current collector guidance. There is therefore no wear and no deterioration in insulation integrity
    • Fingerproofed to BS 5490
    • An efficient and very safe concept.




    Colton Safe-T-Bar conductor bar insulation shroud technical specification


    Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar 3 Phase conductor bar for overhead crane power distribution Colton Electrical 3 Phase conductor bar supplied by Granada Power Systems Earth Conductor bar / Rail for Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar Live Conductor rail for Colton electrical Safe-T-Bar Conductor bar systems



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  • Colton Electrical | Safe-T-Bar Conductor Rail Accessories

    A full range of accessories are available for the Colton Safe-T- Bar System.

    Colton Safe-T-Bar Conductor System Accessories

    • Support Brackets
      • Four basic deigns are offered, and if dimensions are specified when ordering bespoke brackets can be fabricated to fit.
    • Support Clips
      • Three types of support clip are available and may be supplied with a protective plastic coating if requires for use outside or in other adverse environmental conditions.
        • Snap-on type – 8mm stud, wing nut retention. The standard support clip, Part no. DSTB 1060
        • Snap-on type – 8mm stud, wing nut retention screw fixing. One cli of this type is specified for each conductor rail run. It anchors the rail and prevents longitudinal movement. Part no. DSTB 1060B
        • Nylon type – 10mm Stud, hexagonal nut retention. The clip is particularly recommended for outdoor use. Part no. DSTB 952
    • Joint Assemblies
      • Standard joining – Sections of Safe-T-Bar fingerpoof are simply slid into position across the join and then locked into place.
        • Part no. DSTB 004
      • Expansion Joint –  One or more expansion joints are required if the conductor rail length exceeds 90 metres.
        • Part no. DSTB 005
      • Isolating Joint – It is often convenient to have a Safe-T-Bar section which can be electrically isolated so that, for example, a piece of equipment can be safely serviced while others continue to draw power from live sections. The Tufnel isolation joint enables this to be done.
        • Part no. DSTB 006
    • Powerfeed Connections
      • Electrical power may be fed to either end of the conductor rail or some suitable joint position along its length. The feed assemblies are similar to standard joints and are equally easy to fit.
        • End Feed Assembly – Part no. DSTB 007
        • Line Feed Assembly – Part no. DSTB 008
    • Joint Covers
      • Protective covers moulded in PVC to protect and insulate rail joints.
        • Joint Cover – Part no. DSTB 1449
    • End Cap
      • A protective plastic cap which insulates the exposed ends of the conductor rail.
        • End Cap – Part no. DSTB 0101
    • Expansion Sections
      • Will be factory assembled, make sure to remove end stops before commissioning.
        • Expansion Kit – Part number STB 005F
  • Colton Electrical | Safe-T-Bar Conductor Rail Current Collectors

    Colton Safe-T-Bar current collectors are available from Granada Power Systems at our Midlands Branch.

    • Five types covering a current range of 50 – 200 amperes
    • Simple clamping to 25.4mm square tube bracket
    • Spring loading maintains constant contact with conductor rail
    • Easily replaced copper graphite brushes
    • Aluminum alloy and zinc or plastic construction resists corrosion and gives long life
    • Suitable for indoor or Outdoor apllications (when using copper)
    • Safe finger proof design


    • Large Collectors
      • These are recommended for applications where a large degree of movement is required as well as a greater current handling capacity. The range of movement is 140mm. The standard unit is made up of 2x 100amp collectors. 200amp Standard –
        • Part number DSTB 200 TPF
    • Small Collectors
      • The small current collector is specified where there is relatively little movement between the mobile equipment and conductor rail to be accomodated. It has a movement range of 84mm.
        • 50 amp standard – Part number DSTB 50 SPF
        • Spare carbon brush – Part number DSTB 50 CIF
        • 100 amp Standard – Part number DSTB 100 SPF
        • Spare carbon brush – Part number DSTB 100 CIF
    • Tandem Collectors
      • A tandem arrangement comprising of two 50 amp units is an effective way of avoiding power supply interruption where, for example, equipment has to run accross a conductor rail gap or where difficult operating conditions might cause a single unit to break contact frequently.
        • 100 amp standard – Part number DSTB 100 TPF

    Carbons also have the added safety feature of including wear indicator marks to identify when they need to be renewed


  • Colton Electrical | Safe-T-Bar Components / Spares

    Granada not only supply complete Safe-T-Bar conductor systems, We also have a range of spares available off the shelf from our Midlands Branch.

    This includes:

    • Tandem Steel Collector Arms
    • Single Steel Collector Arms
    • Single Nylon Collector Arms
    • Collector Heads
    • Earth Collector Heads
    • Support Clips
    • Replacement Bar

    Support Clips for Colton Electrical Safe-T-Bar conductor downshop system Collector heads for Colton Safe-T-Bar conductor system Nylon collector arm for colton safe-t-bar conductor system Single steel collector arm for Colton conductor system safe-t-bar Tandem steel coltol collector arms for 3 phase downshop by granada power systems


  • Colton Electrical | Enclosed PVC Spares

    A range of enclosed PVC conductor system spares are available off the shelf.


    • Pickup Gliders
    • Pickup Trollies
    • Replacement Bushes
    • Entry / Exit Funnels
    • Cable Trollies
    • End Anchors

    End cable anchor for PVC Enclosed conductor systems Cable trolley for enclosed PVC conductor bar systems Entry Exit Funnel for enclosed PVC conductor bar Replacement Brushes for Enclosed PVC enclosed conductor bar systems Enclosed trolley for PVC conductor bar systems Enclosed Pickup glider for PVC conductor system

  • C Rail Accessories

    Along with supplying C-Rail for cable festoon installation, a range of accessories are available off the shelf from our Midlands branch.

    This includes:

    • Cable Trolleys
    • Mobile 16 Way Plug Sockets
    • C-Rail Supports
    • Mobile Pendant Boxes

    Mobile pendant box for C Rail mounting C Rail supports Mobile 16 Way Plug socket for C Rail C rail cable trolley



Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.