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NEXUS from Granada Cranes and Handling, is an easy to use online database for clients/customers lifting equipment. It contains/can hold all information relating to the equipment including:

  • nexus paperless system from granada cranes and handling, screenshot of the web portalDetails of work carried out
  • Cost history
  • Records of reports and certificates (where applicable)
  • Maintenance sheets
  • Site time records
  • Risk assessments
  • Work permits

Put an end to tedious paperwork

All ‘paperwork’ carried out by Granada engineers is done electronically using PDAs and sent to Granada and the customer automatically. This means no paper which is both good for the environment and for traceability. Documents are stored electronically and therefore cannot be lost. They are then posted automatically to a secure server where they can be viewed by internet connection in a simple format.

Stay Up-to-date 24/7

Whenever any work is carried out, the information relating to it is posted to a secure server. This information can then be accessed by the customer, via any internet browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A must for those responsible

NEXUS is ideal for anyone who is responsible for lifting equipment and overhead crane safety:

  • nexus paperless system from granada cranes and handling, screenshot of the web portalEngineering / Maintenance Managers – to monitor the condition and costs incurred on the equipment
  • Accounts – for swift and simple access to costs, invoices, invoice breakdowns, etc.
  • Health & Safety – for a full and instant record of all work carried out on lifting equipment, access to reports, and certificates (crane safety, hoist safety, loler inspection, loler testing) . Plus it provides an overview of all lifting equipment condition quickly and easily
  • Managers / Directors – responsible for large or multiple sites to access information about any equipment in any area

The hassle free efficient solution

NEXUS provides a hassle free database of all site lifting equipment with details about all work carried out on lifting equipment and costs.

You can find and print documents relating to the equipment (i.e. reports, certificates, maintenance schedules, site time records, risk assessments and work permits, invoice breakdowns), quickly and easily. It will give you traceability for ISO and audits, provide efficient reviewing which will all save you time.

For further information about how NEXUS from Granada can help you with your lifting equipment management, to arrange a demonstration, and to hear about all the other services we provide, please contact us

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