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New Granada Cranes Website

GranadaCranes.co.uk | New Granada Cranes and Handling Website goes live!!

Fifth Generation Granada Cranes Website

Granada Cranes and Handling new website development

The new Granada Cranes website and Handling website is live!

Its not quite the finished article yet, and to be honest I’m not sure it ever will be ‘finished’ in the true sense of the word, as any web developer would agree. The new site contains vastly more information than our previous site, Which had under 30 pages in total. In comparison this new site has over 150 and is still growing.

Website History

With a little help from the wayback machine we can see all the old versions of the site and how it has evolved over the years with various developers and new website technologies.

First Generation of Granada Cranes and Handling Website | March 2001

Second Generation of Granada Cranes and Handling Website | February 2003

Third Generation of Granada Cranes and Handling Website | July 2007

Fourth Generation of Granada Cranes and Handling Website | March 2010

Greater Web Presence

Along with the updated website bulging with content, The last 12 months have seen the implementation and development of several other web services, Including:

Future Development

Not only are we hoping to improve our overall web presence, Our long term aim is to turn this site into a truly helpful resource for anyone after information regarding lifting equipment, overhead cranes and the associated services, terminology and legislation.

There is much more content yet to come, including videos, photos, downloads section / resource centre and many more client case studies.

If you have any suggestions regarding what you would like to see on our site please post a comment or get in touch with our web team via e-mail, web@granada-cranes.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting!

Alex McLoughlin

Web Development & Digital Design