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Kortec Coatings Photo shoot | Overhead Cranes

Spraying Overhead Cranes with Kortec Paint Sprayer

Overhead Crane paint application system from Kortec Coatings

Over the last 12 months Granada Cranes and Handling have been trialling a new efficient coating system for Overhead Cranes, developed and supplied by Kortec Coatings, Nottingham.

The Kortec system has enabled Granada to reduce the time taken to spray our Overhead Cranes from days to just hours and needing only one coat. Not only can the same coverage be achieved in one coat, The overall finish is by far the best quality out of any paint system we have previously used or trialled, Including traditional sprayers and rollers.

The added efficiency of using the Kortec paint system enables us to greatly increase productivity and reduce cost making our Overhead cranes extremely competitive and some of the best value new crane systems available in the UK.

The guys from Kortec came down last week to take some photos of our paint application process and we thought we would like to share these with our visitors to demonstrate a small part of the production process Granada’s overhead cranes go through.

Overhead Cranes painting process at Granada Cranes and Handling Overhead Cranes being sprayed with a Kortec paint sprayer Spraying Overhead Cranes with a Kortec paint sprayer at Granada Cranes Spraying Overhead Cranes with Kortec Paint Sprayer


Now as one of Kortecs largest customers, Granada Cranes and Handling are soon to feature as a client case study for the Kortec company on their new website and promotional material.




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