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Site Time Records

STR – Site Time Records

For each job completed on each crane (with the exception of planned preventative maintenance) our engineers complete a site time record. This document contains the basic details of the customer name and address and our unique job reference but also contains details of the equipment worked on and can include an order number if the customer wishes. It then has an endless text box to record details of the work carried out and sections to list materials used, additional repairs required (if applicable) and the number of hours worked. The customer then has the ability to read through this information before signing off and accepting the details provided.

The record is then automatically date stamped at the time it is completed and returns to our system where it is logged against the unique job, simultaneously a copy is emailed to an email address of the customer’s choice. In addition to receiving these by email the customer can access them at any time through our Nexus web based portal.

In addition to providing this useful information in a clear format which is backed up saved, the system gives us some unique advantages. For example, if any additional repairs are indicated a separate email is generated and sent to our service team so they can action the work or quote for them (as required by the customer). This helps prevent any additional work being missed by paperwork not making it back to the office promptly.