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Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

When arriving at site and prior to beginning any work the Granada engineer attending site will first sign in at reception in accordance with the site’s arrival policy and then proceed to the working area of the equipment to be worked on. From there they will evaluate the access and egress to the equipment and try to identify any potential hazards and what precautions are necessary to make accessing the equipment and carrying gout the work as safe as possible. The engineer will then complete their Granada point of work risk assessment to document which safe systems they will use during the work to be undertaken. The engineer will then run through their proposal with the customer to explain what they intend to do and when the customer is happy with the proposed plan of work they sign to accept and the engineer begins the work.

This system ensures that the customer is always aware of the engineers’ intentions of how they will be accessing and working on site and of any specific measures that are to be put into place such as isolating other equipment and cordoning off parts of the area.

If the engineer while on site then has to begin another job on another piece of equipment, they contact the office and are sent a new job. They then have to complete a new risk assessment for that crane because the area and conditions could differ from the original. Similarly if the engineer returns the next day to continue working on the same crane they would need to complete a new risk assessment in case if any factors have changed in or around the working area.

Any risk assessment completed is automatically date stamped at the time it is completed and returns to our system where it is logged against the unique job, simultaneously a copy is emailed to an email address of the customer’s choice. In addition to receiving these by email the customer can access them at any time through our Nexus web based portal. This happens for every risk assessment completed on every job we do so you always have full traceability and access to this history of risk assessments.


Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.