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Loose Lifting Gear Inspection

Loose lifting gear inspection

Loose Lifting Gear is what we consider lifting accessories, such as items that are used in the lifting process but do not perform the actual lift. These accessories include chain and web slings, eyebolts, shackles, etc.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), require that all lifting accessories / loose lifting gear are thoroughly examined, by a competent person, before they are used for the first time and at regular intervals thereafter (at least 6-monthly).

We are able to supply an experienced technician to attend your site and carry out a thorough examination of your loose lifting gear. Following the examination a report will be issued to you detailing the condition of the equipment examined, it will highlight any defects and weaknesses found (if any). As well as the report you will also receive a quotation for repairing/replacing the defected items. All items found to be of a good condition and any new equipment supplied will then be colour coded and a sign displayed in the works area showing that that colour is currently in use. This sign is usually displayed with the board on which, or in the area where the lifting tackle is kept. For larger companies with multiple working areas multiple signs or boards will be erected. Every 6 months a new colour is used making it simple for employees to distinguish which items are safe to use and which are not.

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