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Crane Inspection and Gantry Inspection

Crane Inspection and Gantry Inspection (Lifting Equipment)

Lifting equipment is what we consider to be cranes or hoists and their supporting structure, items that are used in the lifting process and perform the actual lift. These do not include lifting accessories such as chain and web slings, eyebolts, shackles, etc.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), require that all lifting equipment be thoroughly examined, by a competent person, before it is used for the first time and at regular intervals thereafter (at least 12-monthly).

Crane Inspection

We are able to supply an experienced technician to attend your site and carry out a thorough examination of your lifting equipment and its supporting structure whether it be an overhead crane, jib crane or single hoist. Following the examination a report will be issued to you detailing the condition of the equipment examined, it will highlight any defects and weaknesses found (if any). As well as the report you will also receive a quotation for repairing/replacing any defected items.

Gantry Inspection

gantry_inspections_from_granada_cranesGantry Inspection It is well know that it is a legal requirement of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) that any lifting equipment used at work for lifting and lowering loads must be thoroughly examined before lifting equipment is used for the first time and at periods specified in the regulations (i.e. at least 6-monthly for accessories and at a minimum of annually for all other equipment). All examination work should be performed by a competent person and following a thorough examination or inspection a report submitted by the competent person to the employer of the person using the lifting equipment, to take the appropriate action. Lifting equipment includes any equipment used at work for lifting and lowering loads, including attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it. Therefore gantries and supporting steelwork are also required to be thoroughly examined at a minimum period of annually. This is a service Granada Cranes & Handling are able to offer whereby a competent and experienced technician will attend site and carry out a thorough examination/inspection of the gantry and supporting steelwork. Following completion of this examination a report is compiled, from which a quotation for any necessary repairs is calculated and a copy of each sent to the customer. If you require any further information regarding the thorough examination/inspection of gantries and supporting steelwork or would like a quotation for having this service carried out on your system(s), please contact us.


Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.