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Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Overhead Cranes from Granada

Here at Granada Cranes & Handling, We fabricate, supply and Install single girder gantry cranes for customers nationwide.

Standard Spans up to 25 Metres, Capacities up to 10 tonne

Our standard production single girder cranes are supplied to cover capacities up to 10 tonnes and can be constructed to span distances of up to 25 Metres. We can produce larger spans and capacities depending on your business needs

Maximum Height Lift of 13 Metres with speeds up to 8 Metres per minute.

These cranes are all fitted with low-headroom hoists that are capable of providing a maximum height of lift of 13 Metres and lifting speeds ranging from 4 Metres per minute up to 8 Metres per minute. Should you require a greater height of lift of a custom speed bespoke options can be tailor made for your application.

Inverter Control as standard for reduced maintenance costs

All movements are Inverter driven and dual speed versions are also available on request.
Inverter driven hoists are beneficial as they allow the crane to produce smooth movements giving our customers the benefit of reduced maintenance on all electrical and mechanical components.

Advantages of Inverter Control

Frequency inverter control increases the life span of any crane that the technology is fitted to;

  • Prevents damage to gears, pinions and other mechanical items by stopping crane operators moving the crane forwards then straight away trying to move the crane backwards known as reverse switching inching.
  • Stops the load from swinging
  • Massively reduces brake wear as the brakes are no longer used for stopping the crane and are only used for parking.
  • Gives the operator precise control over the movements, capable even to the millimetre
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration of all crane movements
  • Variable speed options can be configured
  • Significantly less loading on the drive shaft and gearbox
Say goodbye to hook load swing

Not only do frequency inverters massively reduce maintenance costs, they also vastly improve site safety. Hook load swing has been identified as one of the largest common contributing factors in all overhead crane accidents, By using inverter technology the operator has very precise control over the load and swing is reduced to practically zero.

advantages of frequency inverter driven crane movements