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Standard Overhead Cranes

Standard Overhead Cranes from Granada

With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing of overhead cranes Granada have developed a huge range of low cost overhead crane options including single and double girder construction, top running and under slung configurations, goliath and semi goliath designs and a variety of bespoke tailor made systems.

All overhead cranes are manufactured using bridge beams fabricated from ‘in house’ manufactured box girder constructions. Long and cross travel operations are inverter controlled as standard, which helps to reduce load swing in operation and equipment wear from a maintenance perspective. Combine this with the fact that all Granada cranes with Omis hoist units come with Inverter controlled hoisting as standard ensures you obtain smooth lifting and lowering as well as travel, as standard.

You can be sure Granada will manufacture an overhead crane to utilize the maximum potential of your buildings space and limits.

All fabrication, welding, installation of electrics and testing is carried out by experienced and qualified personnel, making Granada your single source for all your overhead crane needs.

Our current range of standard overhead cranes offer lift capacities up to 60 tonne and spans of up to 32 metres.

Should you require a higher lifting capacity we can provide a solution in the form of our bespoke cranes that not only cater to more heavy duty applications requiring greater lift capacity but also larger spans than would normally be available from within our standard range.

  • Single girder overhead traveling bridge cranes and gantry cranes from parsonage street crane company granada cranes and handling

  • Double Girder overhead traveling bridge crane from midland based granada cranes and handling

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