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Lightweight Crane Systems

Lightweight Crane Systems

Lightweight crane systems from granada cranes and handling in OldburyLight weight crane systems are modular, flexible and individually adjustable light crane systems that are ideal for low headroom and low budget applications with capacities ranging from 125 – 2,000Kg and are available in both single and double girder configurations.

One of the main advantages of these systems is that their flexibility makes them easy to modify and/or extend if your requirements should change. They have various installation options with numerous securing points and options including suspension from ‘goal post’ steelwork systems for a completely free-standing application or when floor mounted gantry steelwork is not practical attachment to an existing ceiling or building columns. This makes them very popular for processes that require a large clear work area such as in the aerospace and automotive industies.

Their low friction operation ensures a prolonged service life combined with low maintenance costs. This also means they operate at a very low noise level with smooth lifting and positioning of loads, be it manually or by variable electric speed control.

For larger or more complex systems tracks can be provided with curves, switch points and/or turntables.


Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.