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Column Mounted JIB Cranes

Column Mounted Jib Crane

A Wall mounted jib crane (sometimes referred to as Column mounted jib crane) is exactly as it sounds, A JIB crane variant that requires no pillar / support of its own and is mounted to a part of the building structure. They are available for a range of lifting needs. Our standard production covers column mounted jib cranes with a Max load capacity of 2,000kg and a Max outreach of 8 metres. They are normally fitted with chain hoists, though wire rope hoists can also be used in case of larger load capacities.

Bespoke solutions can also be provided by our expert team should you require greater lifting capacity or have other unique handling needs.

Slew range can vary up to 180 degrees depending on application needs. Small Jibs generally don’t need to be motorized as they are easy to operate by hand, Powered slew options are available for larger JIB’s and where access is restricted.

Special designs include low-headroom jibs as well as two-arm jibs and extensible or even articulated-arm jibs.