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JIB Cranes

Jib cranes (Pillar Cranes) from Granada

Jib cranes are available in two main forms, free standing (sometimes refered to as a pillar crane) and column mounted. Column mounted jibs have a restricted slew due to being wall mounted (180′) where as free standing jibs have a greater slew (360′) and are generally available with higher lifting capacities.

Our standard jib cranes are available with lifting capacities up to 2,000kg for column mounted and 5,000kg for free standing with a maximum outreach of 8 metres.

Options include

  • Powered slew
  • Underbraced or Overbraced supports
  • Electric Chain Hoists
  • Wire Rope Hoist
  • Extending jib
  • Articulated jib
  • free standing jib cranes / Pillar cranes from granada cranes and handling

  • Column mounted jib cranes from granada cranes and handling

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Free Standing Column Mounted