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Wire Rope Hoists for Single Girder Cranes

Wire Rope Hoists for Single Girder Crane Applications

Here at Granada we can supply, service and install wire rope hoists suitable for a variety of Single Girder cranes. All of our wire rope hoists are manufactured by Omis in Italy.

The reliability of Omis hoists is endorsed by 20 years of success throughout Europe and by the loyalty of thousands of customers who recognize it as being extremely versatile, cost-effective and easy to service.

The OPE hoist has been designed with rectangular shape, which allows fitting-up on all frame sides. The drum can be accessed from all four sides. Motor and gearbox are simply flanged to the main frame to allow easy maintenance.

The OPE hoists mount a cylindrical rotor motor suitable for inverter use, though dual stage pole change motors are also available upon request. The motor is connected to the gearbox fast shaft through a flexible coupling, and it is fitted outside the hoist body to allow easy maintenance and adequate cooling. It features protection IP54, insulation class F.

The load limit device is a strain-gauge cell enclosed in the fixed-end pin, and it is connected to an electronic card where two load thresholds can be set up to prevent hoist overloading in accordance with the European specifications.

single girder crane with an electric wire rope hoist manufactured by Omis and supplied and maintained by granada cranes and handling

Wire Rope hoists, This is an Omis underslung wire rope hoist fitted onto a single girder overhead crane by granada cranes and handling in the west midlands


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