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In some circumstances a customer will not require a complete crane system and will only need a hoisting unit. This could be when, through wear and tear or accidental damage, a hoist has become uneconomical to repair or for an application where powered lifting and lowering assistance is required without any travel. To cater for such instances Granada Cranes offer a wide range of hoist units which can each be supplied with or without control electrics and pendant or remote control to suit the application.

As one of the largest independent crane companies in the UK Granada are not restricted to a specific manufacturer for their hoist units. Through much research and negotiation Granada have been able build strong relationships with several suppliers so that we are able to offer a wide variety of makes and models of hoists to suit any application.

Therefore you can be sure that the hoist Granada offers will be the one best suited to the client’s needs whether those be price, availability, operation and suitability or all of these.

  • Omis wire rope single girder crane hoist

    Wire rope hoists for single girder crane applications

  • Omis wire rope hoist for double girder overhead cranes from granda

    Wire rope hoists for double girder crane applications

  •  SWF Electric Chain Hoists and Yale hoists from granada cranes and handling. Powered chain hoist

    Electric Chain Hoists

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