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Crane Products and Lifting Equipment

Overhead Cranes and Crane Products

Trust in Granada to ensure your business has no problems getting off the ground with our range of quality assured crane products.

At Granada we can supply, fabricate and Install a wide range of overhead cranes and crane products to meet the material handling needs in even the most demanding of industrial applications. Our extensive range of overhead cranes and crane products are available with a very quick turnaround and full professional nationwide after sales support.

Whether its a complete bespoke overhead crane system or just a replacement hoist unit we promise to deliver a professional solution to your business needs. If you need help identifying what product would best suit your application or just have any general questions our friendly sales and support staff are just a phone call away.

  • Complete Crane Systems

    | Designed | Manufactured | Installed | Maintained |

    Complete overhead crane systems designed, installed and maintained by granada

    Complete overhead crane systems have been professionally installed by Granada Cranes & Handling for a wide variety of business and industrial needs. Gantry cranes from Granada are designed and fabricated in house. Our Standard overhead travelling cranes can span up to 32M and a lift capacity of 60t. Bespoke options are also available catering for larger spans and capacities. When using customised open barrel hoist units from Omis lifting capacity can be up to 150t on our bespoke double girder crane configurations.

    Single Girder Double Girder Bespoke Options  
  • Jib Cranes

    | Supplied | Installed | Maintained |

    Jib cranes supplied, installed and maintained by Granada cranes & handling

    Jib cranes are used for a variety of applications in various industries. Granada cranes and handling have been supplying JIB cranes to hundreds of satisfied customers nationwide for over 20 years. JIB cranes can be either column mounted or free standing. A Free standing JIB crane is sometimes referred to as a pillar crane, post crane or post jib / pillar jib. There are two main configurations of each, Overbraced and Underbraced. The model chosen would depend on the available headroom. Granada are able to supply standard JIB cranes with a lift capacity of up to 5,000kg and an outreach / radius of 8 metres, however, bespoke options are also available. JIB cranes can be supplied with manual, electric chain or wire rope hoists with manual or power slew options to suit the application.

    Free Standing Column Mounted
  • Wire Rope & Electric Chain Hoists

    | Supplied | Installed | Maintained |

    Hoist units for overhead cranes supplied by granada cranes | Wire rope and electric chain hoists in various configurations and capacities

    Granada Cranes & Handling supply a range of hoists suitable for lifting loads from a hundred kilos up to 70 tonne+.
    Our standard models of wire rope and chain hoists are available for quick dispatch and we are also able to offer bespoke hoisting units designed and fabricated with very efficient lead times. Any unit supplied can be customised to suit a variety working duties, lift speeds and lift heights.

    Wire Rope Single Girder Wire Rope Double Girder Open Barrel Hoists Electric Chain Hoists
  • Gantry Systems for Overhead Cranes

    | Designed | Fabricated | Installed | Maintained |

    Gantry system design, fabrication and installation by Midlands based Granada Cranes & Handling

    Granada can design, fabricate and install complete gantry systems suitable to support a variety of overhead cranes. Gantries can be designed to be completely free standing, mounted to an existing structure or incorporated into new buildings. Granada’s unique design and fabrication process enables us to competitively manufacture gantries built from box girders, enabling our customers to achieve greater distances between supports economically. All gantries are designed and installed in accordance with current British and European standards. Once installed our experienced and competent service engineers are able to carry out periodic examinations to comply with your legal requirements under LOLER.

    Gantry Systems Gantry Inspections
  • Light Lifting Equipment & Monorail Cranes

    | Supplied | Installed | Maintained |

    Light lifting and monorail cranes supplied installed and maintained by granada cranes and handling based in the west midlands

    Not only does Granada provide lifting solutions for handling large capacity loads but we also have extensive experience in providing light duty and capacity lifting solutions for a range of industries from food to coils. Monorail systems and other light duty crane systems can be designed from the ground up by our experienced design engineers, fabricated in-house and installed by our team of dedicated service engineers. Granada also offer complete maintenance packages for all light lifting systems.

    Light Crane System Monorail Crane Systems

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Should you require any Under the Hook Equipment, Control Gear or other Crane Accessories, Please click here

Granada not only supply complete crane packages but we also offer a range of lifting accessories for a variety of applications



Granada have a large section of their customer base working as essential suppliers/workers. Our office based staff are all working remotely and we are still offering 24hr emergency callout and repair services to current and new customers. Our engineers are adhering to social distancing and working in accordance with government guidelines. If you require assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help in these challenging times.